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Mission Statement

Working with product and people we believe in. In essence thats what we’re all about. Product selection is based on several criteria but perhaps the most important question is “would you use it?” If we’re not willing to wear the clothing, ride the bikes, use the wheels, then there is no integrity in our sales pitch. I use the phrase “sales pitch” lightly. Its more of an endorsement, if we can see the benefits, then like any cyclist, you tell your friends. Whether you listen, is another story all together!

The product is important but as a company we buy into the people behind the logo. The people are the deciding factor and when you consider their input is part of the end result, its an important consideration. People who love riding bikes, talk about bikes, racing, epic rides, these are the people we want to work with. Indifference to the sport of cycling is perhaps the most disheartening thing we've come across, if your not passionate about riding bikes – why are you working in this industry?

When it comes to dealers, the most successful relationships have been formed on what I’ve said above. As a company its not just the product that we’re selling but a service and while we are, by no means perfect, there is always the best of intentions behind every decision. It is our hope that all our dealers buy into C3 PRODUCTS for the people as much as the product.

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