C3 Products Account Manager, Paul - on the Croche d'Aune. Putting both legs and Sportful apparel to the test!

Sportful is based at the foot of the dolomites in a little town called Fonzaso, the surrounding climbs of the Passo Rolle, Monte Grappa and Croche D’Aune provide an ideal testing ground for product research and assessment. Its quite a bench mark to reach! Extremes are not just restricted to the terrain but the ever changing weather, meaning while there is always a place for lab based studies and trials there is no substitute for riding. The journey from drawing board to manufacture includes many hours in the saddle. Whilst the criteria isn’t fixed, when you have employees who are as obsessed about riding as they are the product, the result can only be a positive one, for all those who choose the Sportful brand.

Current technical sponsors to Team Saxo Bank. Sportful’s racing history is a rich one. All the classics, grand tours and world RR champs have been won by a Sportful equipped athlete. From Team Mapei to the Italian National team, Sportful have worked with many champions over the years.

Brand building aside, the sponsorship opportunities have led to great product development, whilst working in conjunction with the Pro’s. Sportful’s best quality, is knowing how to listen and act on feedback. Many of the pieces within the Sportful collection are the sum result of this relationship. Apparel enhancements not only benefit the Pro’s but the most important athlete of all – YOU!