Sportful No Rain Warmers

Sportful No Rain Arm Warmers (



“Simply the best arm warmer you can get”

Why buy? Without wanting to pre-empt your answer, I can’t think of a reason why NOT to buy.

The best pieces of cycling apparel are those you don’t think about. I think the NO RAIN warmers fall into that category.

So taking the NO RAIN technology out of the equation. Fit is always a problem when it comes to these types of garments. There is nothing more annoying than having a set of arm warmers that are continually sagging down your arm, it gets real tedious when your forever pulling your arm warmers up, its almost up there with puncturing! Not only are ill fitting arm warmers non functional, you look pretty stupid too. SPORTFUL have based their fit on cyclists biceps not Arnold’s!
There is always a trade off between comfort and technology – right? Not so with the NO RAIN ARM WARMERS, the hand of the material feels soft against the skin and there are no annoying seems to irritate the skin.

So if your still reading, we’re saying the warmers feel no different to regular arm, knee or leg warmers but have the added benefit of NO RAIN TECHNOLOGY. So what is it, how does it work? NO RAIN is not a coating to the fabric. Tiny nano-filaments of silicone have been embedded into the fabric as part of a multi stage process. It’s all top secret but suffice to say its very effective, in enhancing water repellency.

So they do the same job as normal warmers, feel the same but keep you dry and all for a very competitive price. Why wouldn’t you where them?