Sportful Total Comfort

Sportful Total Comfort Bib-Short - Cycling Plus Test Winner


Sportful Total Comfort Bib-Short and Bib-Tight, the two offerings for the summer and winter respectively. Not wanting to complicate things, as the name suggests these two pieces of apparel are all about comfort… Attention to detail throughout..

The Total Comfort Bib-Short has received great reviews in the cycling press. Cycling Plus named it as the best bib-short available, awarding it a 5 start rating and a faultless review. For more info on this piece, we wrote a post for the Sportful Blog (click link)

New for the winter of 2012 /13 is the Total Comfort Bib-Tight. Like it’s summer name sake it’s focussed primarily on comfort. We were fortunate to be given a sample and thanks to the UK weather we’ve been able to get some road testing done. It is simply the best bib-tight we’ve ever used.

In a nut shell the bib-tight offers winter warmth without the restrictions (range of movement) associated with WindStopper. ┬áThe Thermodyrtex double fabric features a hollow core polyester inner layer that insulates while actively wicking sweat to the outer nylon layer. On the susceptible areas there’s a further linning to offer additional protection from the elements. Mirroring some of the key features incorporated in the Summer bib-short – the Total Comfort Seat Pad, the innovative bib-strap configuration, we knew this was going to be a great piece of kit. This piece of apparel should be on everyones shopping list, if you want to stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. More details to come…

Sportful Total Comfort Bib-Tight