Sportful – 2nd Skin X-Lite Baselayer

Matteo Tosatto 7th at Paris-Roubaix - wearing a Sportful 2nd Skin X-Lite Baselayer

The humble baselayer is often overlooked, money is spent elsewhere, on the visible items of apparel, leaving this key piece of clothing neglected. The cotton T-shirt is often the substitue… and a poor one at that, retainning moisture, leaving the rider prone to the cold chill and in turn, detrimentally effecting both the comfort and performance of your outside layers.

Sportful issued the 2nd Skin X-Lite baselayer to Team Saxo Bank last season and it quickly became a favourite with the riders. The baselayer incorporates Sportful’s seamless technology. The high stretch fabric, means a close fit without restriction of movement or discomfort. The hydrophobic Polypropylene, construction ensures both rider and baselayer remains comfortable. Open mesh construction helps to regulate body temperature.

Sportful 2nd Skin X-Lite Baselayer

Having heard such positive feedback from the Pro’s we decided to try them out for ourselves and weren’t disappointed. They’ve been the obvious choice for summer riding but also on the milder winter days when paired with a jacket.

Sizing is inline with all other performance pieces from Sportful. The X-Lite baselayer is in part made up of elastane and this is what gives it that high stretch fit. The baselayer mght look shockingly small when first taken out of the box BUT rest assured, it’ll fit perfectly.



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