Swift Carbon UltraVox RS1 – An Intro…


Swift Carbon, may not be a name your familiar with but that’s all about to change… There’s a lot of bike brands out there proclaiming all sorts of stat’s, figures and process technologies, so what sets this brand apart and in particular this model, the UltraVox RS1?

There is no substitute for real life testing, stat’s / figures are great but are often skewed and misleading… We have well over 1,200 mies of riding on U-Vox RS1, over varying terrain, the Dorset country lanes to the mountains of the Dolomites. A varried test ground that has seen the bike excel in each. Roads that have been previously ridden on, with bikes from other manufacturers, giving the ultimate benchmark and opportunity to draw comparrisons.

The attributes and adjectives used to describe this bike are no different from any other but each facet of performance isn’t normally associated with another… Phenomenally stiff ┬ábut seemingly so comfortable. Balanced, poised, predicatble steering without feeling slow and sluggish…. The list goes on but suffice to say this is not just another bike.

It would be easy to speak spiel all day long but to put it  plain and simple. The UltraVox makes riding bikes even more fun. A smile inducing bike if ever there was one.

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